Ultraman Dyna (ウルトラマンダイナUrutoraman Daina?) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV show which aired between September 6, 1997 to August 29, 1998. The series is a direct sequel to the previous Ultraman series, Ultraman Tiga.


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Ultraman Dyna was created as a sequel to Ultraman Tiga due to its predecessors success and Tsuburaya's attempt at creating a new mythology for the franchise. Whereas Tiga's prevailing tone was dramatic, Dyna held a bright and energetic tone in comparison. The show emphasized the strength of the science team's friendship as well as the adventure and excitement found within its battles. According to one of the show's many producers, the show was crafted to have a dramatic core surrounded by bright characters who the audience would empathize with in dire times, an example of this appearing as early as the third episode.

Initially conceived as a series with a single form Ultraman, Dyna was retooled into containing multiple forms thanks to the success of the toyline for Tiga. Dyna himself was also designed to be a “flashier Tiga” containing more appealing colors.

Whereas much of the future was still being planned in the setting of Ultraman Tiga, Dyna's world takes place ten years into the future in the year 2017 with humans ready to terraform Mars.


In the year AD 2017 (nine years after the final episode of Ultraman Tiga), TPC has advanced beyond earth, and has created a new GUTS team, "Super GUTS". Humans have begun terra-forming Marsand other planets in what is known as the "Age of the Neo Frontier". One day, however, the Neo Frontier is attacked by an alien race known as the Spheres. Shin Asuka has just joined Super GUTS and is in the middle of training maneuvers above Earth's atmosphere when he and his comrades are attacked. He proves himself in battle, and can hold his own against ace pilot Ryoh. However, his ship is damaged and he ejects, after which he encounters a shining light. It is then that a new giant of light merges with the bewildered Asuka, saving his life. When the Spheres enter Mars' atmosphere and merge with the Martian rocks to form monsters, Asuka again participates in the battle, now equipped with a mysterious device known as the "Reflasher". Upon the Sphere's new attack, Asuka suddenly transforms into a colossal giant, and manages to protect Mars from a group of monsters sent by the Spheres. The members of Super GUTS quickly catch on that this giant being is not Ultraman Tiga, but a new giant of light, "Ultraman Dyna". In contrast to the serious tone of Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna is a far more light hearted show, featuring more upbeat stories and comical character personalities for its cast.

The final story arc is rather somber, in contrast to the rest of the series. Dyna/Asuka apparently sacrifice themselves to save the Earth from Gran Sphere, the planet-sized mother form of the Spheres. In the series finale, we do get to see that Asuka rejoins his father as they ride off toward the light in their two spaceships, though the fate of Dyna / Asuka and Asuka's father remains unknown. Eleven years after the end of the television series, the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie is intended as a direct follow-up for Dyna / Asuka after events of the Dyna series finale. It is revealed that the wormhole resulting from Gran Sphere's destruction transported him to the M78 universe, where the film takes place. At the end of the movie, as the featured ZAP SPACY members require help back to Earth, Dyna / Asuka decides to direct them home personally. They are shown disappearing into a self-made wormhole together.

Super GUTS membersEdit

Super GUTS is a branch of TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium) and is the direct successor to GUTS.

  • Gousuke Hibiki (ヒビキ・ゴウスケHibiki Gōsuke?): The team captain. He is loud and boisterous, often joking with his subordinates and shouting orders. At the same time, however, he is a caring leader with a good heart and good intentions for Super GUTS.
  • Shin Asuka/Ultraman Dyna (アスカ・シン/ウルトラマンダイナAsuka Shin/Urutoraman Daina?): Ultraman Dyna's human host. He is light-hearted overall, and is one of the rare Ultra human hosts who also serves as the comic relief of the show. Asuka often whines and pouts immaturely, and sometimes pretends that he is killed in combat just to see his teammates freak out. Asuka is not all just fun and games, though. He can also be headstrong and overly courageous. His well-known motto is "Never give up." Asuka's dad disappeared years ago when his space ship disappeared into a mysterious light, which Asuka himself enters alongside his father in the final episode. In the end, Asuka ended up transported to the Showa timeline. Despite his personality, Asuka is an exceptional fighter, fending off aliens far stronger than normal humans with only his hand to hand combat skills.
  • Ryo Yumimura (ユミムラ・リョウYumimura Ryō?): The tomboy ace pilot of Super GUTS, who has a short temper and often yells at Asuka for his goof ball antics and recklessness. They have a pilot rivalry going on. However, deep down inside she likes the guy, they do like each other, which becomes quite clear toward the end. She also plays a big sister role for the less experienced Mai. Ryoh is slightly cross-eyed, which add charm for her.
  • Toshiyuki Kouda (コウダ・トシユキKōda Toshiyuki?): The cool and slick haircut guy who is eventually promoted to Dept. Captain.
  • Mai Midorikawa (ミドリカワ・マイMidorikawa Mai?): A cute, bubbly, loud cadet-type with little combat experience. She mostly serves as the communication person, but she has multiple crushes (baseball players, cute exploratory robots, bike racers, etc.), gets peoples' attention by saying 'neh-neh-neh,' and has the amazing ability to hide multiple items behind her back, only to whip them out in rapid succession.
  • Tsutomu Nakajima (ナカジマ・ツトム Nakajima Tsutomu?): The pudgy technician and researcher of the Super GUTS team, often becomes panicked or overly serious.
  • Kouhei Kariya (カリヤ・コウヘイKariya Kōhei?): An expert of shooting of the Super GUTS and is well versed in archaeology.
  • Hanejiro (ハネジローHanejirō?): A strange alien which Asuka befriended on a mission to mysterious planet, it first helped Asuka (as Dyna) by pointing out a monster's weak spot during a battle, and was since made Super GUTS' "mascot" of sorts. Bids farewell to Super GUTS in Episdoe 47, but returns in the Dyna movie "Return of Hanejiro".


  • GUTS Eagle
    • Alpha Wing
    • Beta Wing
    • Gamma Wing
  • Alpha Superior
    • GUTS Eagle Superior
  • Connelly 07
  • GUTS Marine
  • GUTS Dig


  1. A New Light: Part 1 (新たなる光(前編)Aratanaru Hikari (Zenpen)?)
  2. A New Light: Part 2 (新たなる光(後編)Aratanaru Hikari (Kōhen)?)
  3. Awaken Asuka (目覚めよアスカMrzame yo Asuka?)
  4. Battle! Underground City (決戦! 地中都市Kessen! Chichū Toshi?)
  5. Winning Shot (ウイニングショットUiningu Shotto?)
  6. The Land's Ultimate Monster (地上最大の怪獣Chijō Saidai no Kaijū?)
  7. Friend Inside the Box (箱の中のともだちHako no Naka no Tomodachi?)
  8. Bao-On from Afar (遥かなるバオーンHarukanaru Baōn?)
  9. 2000 Attacks (二千匹の襲撃Nisenbiki no Shūgeki?)
  10. Forbidden Picture on the Ground (禁断の地上絵Kindan no Chijōe?)
  11. The Phantom Shooting Star (幻の遊星Maboroshi no Yūsei?)
  12. Mysterious Thief Himala (怪盗ヒマラKaitō Himara?)
  13. Monster Factory (怪獣工場Kaijū Kōjō?)
  14. The Supreme Ruler Who Sleeps on the Moon (月に眠る覇王Tsuki ni Nemuru Haō?)
  15. The Kind-Hearted Target (優しい標的Yasashii Hyōteki?)
  16. Battle! Monster Island (激闘! 怪獣島Gekitō! Kaijūtō?)
  17. The Ghost Space Ship (幽霊宇宙船Yūrei Uchūsen?)
  18. The Girls Who Calls Up the Darkness (闇を呼ぶ少女たちYami o Yobu Shōjo-tachi?)
  19. Bird of the Phantom Dream (夢幻の鳥Mugen no Tori?)
  20. Alien Boy (少年宇宙人Shōnen Uchūjin?)
  21. The 3000 Degree Heat Radiating Monster (発熱怪獣3000度Hatsunetsu Kaijū Sanzendo?)
  22. Soldier of Tsukuyo (ツクヨの兵士Tsukuyo no Heishi?)
  23. Dream Fortress (夢のとりでYume no Toride?)
  24. Vampire of the Lake (湖の吸血鬼Mizuumi no Kyūketsuki?)
  25. The Kraakov Won't Surface!: Part 1 (移動要塞(クラーコフ)浮上せず!(前編)Kurākofu Fujō Sezu! (Zenpen)?)
  26. The Kraakov Won't Surface!: Part 2 (移動要塞(クラーコフ)浮上せず!(後編)Kurākofu Fujō Sezu! (Kōhen)?)
  27. Monster Game (怪獣ゲーム Kaijū Gēmu?)
  28. Simian Forest (猿人の森Enjin no Mori?)
  29. In the Light of Destiny (運命の光の中でUnmei no Hikari no Naka de?)
  30. Scenario of Invasion (侵略の脚本(シナリオ)Shinryaku no Shinario?)
  31. Fight! Dyna vs. Dyna (死闘! ダイナVSダイナShitō! Daina Bui Esu Daina?)
  32. The Singing Investigation Robot (歌う探査ロボットUtau Tansa Robotto?)
  33. Star of Peace (平和の星Heiwa no Hoshi?)
  34. The Time of Resolution (決断の時Ketsudan no Toki?)
  35. The Smile of Destruction: Part 1 (滅びの微笑(前編)Horobi no Bishō (Zenpen)?)
  36. The Smile of Destruction: Part 2 (滅びの微笑(後編)Horobi no Bishō (Kōhen)?)
  37. Yumenokatamari(aka Lump of Dreams) (ユメノカタマリYumenokatamari?)
  38. Monster Drama (怪獣戯曲Kaijū Gikyoku?)
  39. The Light and Shadow of the Youthful (青春の光と影Seishun no Hikari to Kage?)
  40. The Tree of Jagira (ジャギラの樹Jagira no Ki?)
  41. I want to See Our Earth (ぼくたちの地球が見たいBoku-tachi no Chikyū ga Mitai?)
  42. Ephemeral Dream (うたかたの空夢Utakata no Sorayume?)
  43. Captain Long-Legs (あしなが隊長Asinaga Taichō?)
  44. The Snow of Venus (金星の雪Kinsei no Yuki?)
  45. Tear of Churasa (チュラサの涙Churasa no Namida?)
  46. The Power of Thinking of You (君を想う力Kimi o Omou Chikara?)
  47. Farewell Hanejiro (さらばハネジローSaraba Hanejirō?)
  48. Ndamoshite X (ンダモシテX Ndamoshite Ekkusu?)
  49. Final Chapter I: A New Shadow (最終章I 新たなる影Saishūshō Wan Aratanaru Kage?)
  50. Final Chapter II: Solar System Annihilation (最終章II 太陽系消滅Saishūshō Tsū Taiyōkei Shōmetsu?)
  51. Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow... (最終章III 明日へ・・・Saishūshō Surī Asu e?)




  • Shin Asuka (アスカ・シンAsuka Shin?) - Takeshi Tsuruno (つるの 剛士Tsuruno Takeshi?)
  • Gousuke Hibiki (ヒビキ・ゴウスケHibiki Gōsuke?) - Ryo Kinomoto (木之元 亮Kinomoto Ryō?)
  • Toshiyuki Kouda (コウダ・トシユキKōda Toshiyuki?) - Toshikazu Fukawa (布川 敏和Fukawa Toshikazu?)
  • Ryo Yumimura (ユミムラ・リョウYumimura Ryō?) - Risa Saito (斉藤 りさSaitō Risa?)
  • Kouhei Kariya (カリヤ・コウヘイKariya Kōhei?) - Takao Kase (加瀬 尊朗Kase Takao?)
  • Tsutomu Nakajima (ナカジマ・ツトム Nakajima Tsutomu?) - Jo Onodera (小野寺 丈Onodera Jō?)
  • Mai Midorikawa (ミドリカワ・マイMidorikawa Mai?) - Mariya Yamada (山田 まりやYamada Mariya?)
  • Kouki Fukami (フカミ・コウキFukami Kōki?) - Toshiaki Amada (天田 俊明Amada Toshiaki?)
  • Seiji Miyata (ミヤタ・セイジMiyata Seiji?) - Hiroshi Tsuburaya (円谷 浩Tsuburaya Hiroshi?)
  • Kihachi Gondou (ゴンドウ・キハチGondō Kihachi?) - Shinobu Kameyama (亀山 忍Kameyama Shinobu?)
  • Saeko Shiina (シイナ・サエコShiina Saeko?) - Yasumi Maezawa (前沢 保美Maezawa Yasumi?)
  • Kazuma Asuka (アスカ・カズマAsuka Kazuma?) - Daisuke Ryu (隆 大介Ryū Daisuke?)
  • Narrator (ナレーターNarētā?) - Yūji Machi (真地 勇志Machi Yūji?)


Opening theme
"Ultraman Dyna" by Tatsuya Maeda
Ending 1 theme
"Only You Do I Wish To Protect" by Fumiaki Nakajima
Ending 2 theme
"Ultra High" by LAZY